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Empowering Consultations

An Empowering Consultation is a thorough 90 minute deep dive into your life and your current situation and what you’re looking to achieve. Together we’ll determine what actions you could take to figure out your next steps to achieve your dreams, and to live a more empowering and fulfilling life. 


This service is great for you if you:


  • Feel like you need a change and have no idea where to even begin

  • Need some guidance on your career plan

  • Want support to reignite your love for your work

  • Have a business idea you need to flesh out and understand more

  • Want to start your own side-hustle or business

The consultation runs for 90 minutes, where we will connect via skype or phone call. You will also be able to contact me via email up to 2 weeks afterwards, and have the option of another 30 minute call. 


This consultation costs a total of $111 NZD. 


Ready to go? Book your Empowering Consultation today. 

You will receive a questionnaire to be completed in advance to maximize our session.