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Me and My Story

Hello, I'm Holly!

I live in Tauranga, New Zealand, one of my favourite places ever! I am a Life and Career Coach, focused on helping you live your most fulfilling life and loving the work you do. 

I love what I do and am so passionate to find out about people, what sets their heart on fire and helping them to change their lives! I love supporting the women I work with to achieve their goals and dreams, and sharing my own experiences to support them on their journey.


My journey

I remember the day I decided I wasn’t going to university straight out of school. My parents were a little surprised, but cool with it. My then boyfriends Mum however listed every possible degree I could do, which I vetoed. My school guidance councillor told me I'd amount to nothing if I didn't go to university straight out of school, but I didn't want to be forced into something that didn't feel right. 

I worked in PR the year after school, which actually inspired me to start a communications degree. In my third year of study I got sick, so I had to drop out for the semester because I couldn’t catch up. I fell into a job at Mum's work in marketing, just helping out part time. Fortunately, they loved me and offered me a contract straight away, and a promotion 9 months later when I did graduate from uni. I loved the place and the people, and eventually met my future husband there. I was recognised as ‘talent’ within the company and sent to Milan and London by 23, then was relocated to Manchester in the UK at 25 with Alec (aka. future husband). 

After 6 months, I loved my life there and what we had built together, but I didn’t feel great about the work. I no longer loved what I was doing, and felt like only doing the bare-minimum required to see out my 2-3 years there before being ‘free’ to do what I wanted. 

Then I discovered life coaching, and knew it was for me straight away. I signed up for a course a year later and decided to leave my 9-5 when our UK Visa's expired, so I could launch my dream business.

This journey has lead me to where I am now - living as a professional life and career coach and marketing consultant! I work with inspiring women who I am so proud of, and who make the hard leap from 9-5 to entrepreneur 100% worth it. 

On a more personal note

I am slightly dog obsessed, really into healthy eating, yoga, walking and coffee drinking (walks to get coffee = the best!!). I live in my own house with my future husband and kitten Cosmo, and love pottering about our place, making it the best place to live. I love to travel anywhere and everywhere, and of course I love to spend time with my friends and family. You'll often find me journaling or reading - mixing it up between something by the likes of Stephen King, then back to some self-development books to help me to continue to grow. I aim to live every day in my happiest way, while building my own dream business and career. 

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