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Make your work life work for you

Life is meant to be lived in happiness! An unfulfilling work life can really get in the way of that, and can burden us with stress, anxiety and even burn out. 

I'm passionate about helping you love your work again, find your passion and create a fulfilling life you love. 

Let's meet

Hello! I'm Holly Dennison - Life and Career Coach

I am passionate about supporting women to find their dream job and assisting them to be successful, empowered and happy. 

I've been there - I got the job I thought I wanted. I worked hard to climb the corporate ladder because I felt like that was what I was expected to do. I told everyone I wanted to be Marketing Director, when I really didn't. While I loved aspects of my marketing role that had me travelling the world, eventually it was no longer fulfilling for me and the life I really wanted. I started to lose my confidence and self-worth, it made me feel small, confused, anxious and burnt out.

I knew I needed to make a change. After a year of mulling it over, I signed up for a life coaching course and months later, resigned from my job to set up my own life and career coaching business. And now I'm here to support you to change your life for the better - starting with finding your dream career.

If you’re ready for something else - now is 100% your time to make it happen. Whether you’re just looking to change your job, set up a side hustle or want to go full on #GIRLBOSS, I'm here to help get you there. 

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How can I help you? 

Your mind-set, confidence
and self-worth


Your self-worth and mind-set are the most important aspects to having a fulfilling work life, and the foundation for a happy life!
While maybe you once loved your job, felt confident and capable, this can sometimes fade away over time and leave you feeling anxious, or not good enough. 
I believe you are worthy of the best life and most fulfilling job, let's get you feeling that way too! 

Reigniting the love
for your job


So often we get stuck in a rut at work - and this is 100% normal! Maybe you're not sure what you want, or don't feel challenged, you need to make some small changes, or maybe you blame it for your unhappiness. 
These ruts aren't always easy to come out of, but together we can get to the bottom of it and make sure you're taking positive steps to enjoy your daily life. 

Finding your dream career


So you know deep down that you're no longer doing something you love. You feel there's something else bigger and better for you out there, but you don't know how to even begin! 
I'm here to help you figure it all out and take it one step at a time, in the best possible way.